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Yes I have tried onyx and tried all the different things you can do with it and still no difference

As far as the ram goes, I first just went to frys and bought 2x1 gb of ddr2 667 kingston ram. The computer started very slow and had the same problems. So I went online and did some research on what would be the best ram to get for my mac and I bought 2x1 gb DDR2 5300 667 crucial ram, which iv seen people say is very good. The computer started up in the exact same 9 min 25 seconds.

Here is the thing about the hard drive thing. I think that even if it wasnt the best idea to buy a refurbished one, you think maybe the computer would be or act just a little different.. But the computer still took the same amount of time to start.. Almost exactly.

Personally I think it might just be some kind of hardware problem within the computer.. Maybe the motherboard or processor... But it's weird because after the computer starts it runs really fast and really well... Just waiting 10 minutes to get there is not practical.

Do any of you thing it could be a defective OSX 10.6 disk?

Ohh and to answer your question, yes I have the latest 10.6.8 update and no difference
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