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Okay, someone please shed some light on this situation before i blow a fuse. I got my hard drive in the mail today. Installed it and installed osx 10.6 and did all the updates on it.

So you'd think after iv replaced every part on this computer it would start faster right? no, It still takes, almost exactly 9 minutes and 25 seconds to start. It took this long before i installed the better ram, before i installed the 2 gigs of ram and was only running 512 mg.. It took this long before and after the new battery and now it still takes this long after a new hard drive and yet another completely fresh install.

Does anyone have any advice on what else i can do? If not ima throw it off a cliff. Seriuosly fed up with this machine. Iv always been a windows kind of person and this is not a good way for me to get into macs.. And the fact that they wont help you on the phone unless you empty you wallet for them its rediclous!

Anyways, some one PLEASE help.
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