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I'm a fairly recent convert to Mac and have got into it in a big way.

I now own an MacBookPro, iPhone, 2 x ATV2's, and a mac mini (plus a PPC g% tower and my works pro-tower)

I am maybe in the market for a iMac (about 4 years old).

The plan being that the iMac will be the main computer, the Mac-mini will be a media server

I was wondering how easy it is to have all these working so they read from each other. I know how to have itunes home sharing etc

But I'm talking about email, calender, iPhone syncing - so it doesn't matter if I'm down stairs, upstairs, out and about (MBP) I can hook up and be synced with my family at home regarding appointments on calenders etc

This really is the sync'd modern lifestyle I guess I'm looking at, one of the things that excited me about the prospects of Mac - now I'm in a position to do it... I'm wondering how the **** I do it! :-)

Thanks in advance
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