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Originally Posted by Jimmy_G View Post
I've just made the PC to Mac switch and was in the same situation as you. After quite a bit of looking around, including on this forum, the easiest solution seemed to be "mBox Mail For Mac":
Fluent Factory: mBox Mail for Mac

You can try it for free for 30 days and if you like it, you can pay $20 for a license to keep using it. It's worked for me - it imports all your folders and your archive emails. Perhaps more usefully, it synchronizes with the Hotmail server, so once you've read an email on one device (I also use a Windows Mobile phone), it shows as having been read on the other. IE if I read and/or delete some emails on my phone, they show as read and/or deleted on my MacBook, and vice versa.

One downside is that emails sent on my Mac appear twice in the sent mail folder on my Mac. I think this is because they are saved on the Hotmail server and also saved by Mail on the Mac. I've yet to find the setting on the Mac which allows me to stop Mail from saving it's own copy. Can anyone advise on that?
I use this as well and it was worth the $20 since hotmail is my primary e-mail account.

By the way, Entourage/Outlook will only read from your Hotmail inbox even if you have hotmail plus as Hotmail is POP3 now and only accesses the inbox. mbox mail for mac is the only tool I have found so far that will give me access to all my sub folders as well.

Additional note, it is working just fine for me in Lion but I have read that there are compatability issues so those may be related to installing it after Lion.

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