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Thanks for your reply but I'm still confused.

I've bought some e-books for the iTunes store and I've bought some Kindle books from Amazon.

The warning message says: "There are purchased items on the iPad that have not been transferred to your iTunes library". But which library do they mean? Do they mean the library with wooden shelves that you see on the iPad? Or do they mean one of the libraries on my MPB? (There are a couple of these "libraries" as part of OS 10.)

The various e-books from the iTunes store appear in the library with the wooden shelves, but the Kindle books are not there. Is it perhaps the case that Kindle books are not placed with the iTunes books.

Sorry to be dim but I'm still feeling my way with the iPad. Should I be moving the e-books and the Kindle books from the iPad to the MPB as a back-up?

The Kindle app does not provide the neat page-turning feature that you get with an e-book (but I believe that it is available on the Kindle device itself). Presumably this is a limitation of the app, but perhaps it will be provided later.

All comments welcomed ...

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