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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum (my first post) and new to mac, although I have owned a iphone since day one and now a iPad 2..

Anyways, here is my problem. I recently purchased a older MacBook 1,1 with OSX 10.4 installed. Being you can't really do much with such a old OSX, I decided to go out and buy OSX 10.6. In prep for my upgrade I went ahead and got a bran new battery, and 2GB of Crucial DDR2 PC2-5300 667. After I installed all of it I started up Tiger, just to see if it all worked and it did. Started up very fast and ran great. So I then decided to do the update. Install went great and Snow Leapord started up. Once it was all started up and running the computer is fast, and works just like it should. So I thought I would test out the starting time of it and wow... Took 10 minutes, or 9:45 to be exact... I know the computer takes a while to start up after a fresh install, but after the second or third start it should be running normal... But no... So I thought maybe it's just cause I don't have the latest updates installed. So I installed them, and still it took 9:40-10 min to install.

I then went online an read through maybe 100 different forums and threads trying to see why this may be happening and what I can do to fix it.. I tried it all and still nothing. I tried verify disk, repairing the disk, verify permissions and repairing the permissions and still nothing. (when verifying both permissions and disk no errors came up)(also did all of this when the computer was on, and through the install disk at boot). I tried deleteing different cashe, but still no different. I looked into the start logins, there was nothing in there..

So after a lot if waiting and banging my head on the wall, I formatted the hard drive and did a fresh install. But even after that it still is incredibly slow at startup.. I mean I just dont get it. It takes maybe a minute to get past the screen with the apple, then comes the blue screen and I wait.. An wait.. And then it starts... Works perfect though once it's up and running. No problems at all...

Now I am at the point where I don't know what else it could be. I'm thinking of just buying a new hard drive in a last resort to see if it's my hard drive failing... But if I do end up doing that, will I need to buy anther copy of 10.6?

Anyways, hope some of you guys came help me out here! I'm not really a mac guy and this is mt first one... I know pc's in and out, just not mac.

Many thanks
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