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I've just successfully synched some stuff from MPB to iPad2 but have hit a problem. The iPad is telling me there's a new version of iTunes software ready for downloading. But when I go to do this, a warning comes up:

"There are purchased items on the iPad that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. Your should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPad."

Theses purchased items must be one or two books from the iTunes store. So am I supposed to move these from the iPad to the MPB? (I suppose that's where the iTunes library is situated.) But I didn't think the MPB could read novels.

I've got the book, "iPad2 Made Simple", and on page 129 it shows two windows and a 'Save To' button. But my left window shows the Books app; the right window shows, not the documents with a 'Save To' button, but the desktop of my iPad.

Could someone pse help?

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