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1) I've tried the previous suggestion without success as it says "no available users" when I select Macintosh HD as the correct drive when asked where the user account is.

10.5: Reset a user's password in single user mode - Mac OS X Hints
also doesn't work as I don't know the correct logon name and everything I guessed wasn't recognised.

I've now setup a root account so I can actually get into the system and see the files etc...

When I go into the "Users" folder, there is "jaqui" & "Shared" listed.
Jaqui is the name of the lady who owns the laptop and if I click on her name, I can then see her Desktop contents, Documents, Music etc.. which is all good.

I'm now stumped, as "jaqui" doesn't work as a valid logon name when I tried to change the password on the above link.

2) I found & tried the following:
fsck -yf

mount -uw /

launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

passwd #this will change root’s password, you will be prompted to enter it twice


list Local/Default/Users

I then get a long list of system-type names, the majority start with "-" except for 3 names at the bottom of the list:

no sign of jaqui as I would have hoped and no clue who "nobody" or "daemon" are!
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