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only thing about keeping the iphone is that we have to keep the data plan, but i guess what you're saying is that i could cancel the texting part of the plan but then that would do away with texting on my phone since we are on the same plan... what a pickle...

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To be honest, your best option may be to cancel the texting plan, block texting completely, and use one of the free or low-cost SMS apps off the App Store. You get an actual phone number with those apps when you register so anyone can text to you, but you have no control over the number or area code you get.

Barring that, if she only texts to other iPhone users, the upcoming iOS 5 will have a new iMessage feature that texts over the data channel to other iPhones running iOS 5. If that's the case (a big IF, I know), then you can do the same… kill the texting plan.

The only other suggestion is to go to an AT&T store (assuming you are in the US) and see what they have to offer and see if something else will fit the bill.
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