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I just have a few jail-breaking questions. I have a 1st gen iPad 3G + WiFi running iOS 4.3.4. I want to jailbreak just to try it out to see if I like it or not. So my questions are as follows:

1. My warranty will be voided if I jail-break, correct?
2. Is it possible to undo a jail-break? If so, how?
3. Will my warranty still be void if I undo the jail-break?
4. If I take my iPad to be serviced and the jail-break is undone, will the apple employee know that it was previously jail-broken? Will Apple automatically know if my iPad is jail-broken once i jail-break it?
5. Will my 3G still work correctly? There won't be any service changes or functionality changes, will there?
6. What is the best tool to jail-break iOS 4.3.4?
7. Apps can still be downloaded and updated using the App Store, correct?
8. Is jail-breaking worth it?

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