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Hey @RichB, thanks for your post.

I was actually trying to figure out the exact same problem and I have possibly found an easier solution that has worked for me...

What I did was removing the WEP-password of my wifi-network temporarily... I then used Airport Utility to let the Airport Express join the current network and it work seamlessly ( I got the green light after a little while)...
Obviously, I didn't want to leave my wifi-network unprotected. So, I configured the Airport Express via Airport Utility and told the AE that my network has a password... (I made sure the type of password encryption is the same on both the AE as the Airport Extreme, and I typed in the 10-digit password). Of course, now the AE starts acting weird because I told it there's a password, but there isn't one (yet).
Then (and only then) I applied a password (the one I typed in Airport Utiliy of course ) to my wifi-network and after the Airport Extreme and AE both restarted I got the green light again, but now with a password protected wifi-network.

Hope this helps!
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