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It's time for a new battery for my 2006 white macbook. Actually my battery has been dead for a year, but I have not bought one because I know the minute I buy one my computer will die and it will be a waste of money. That was a year ago and this computer just keeps chugging along, so it's time to buy a battery because this computer is going to last forever i'm sure. Plus the value of this white macbook (not $, just sentimental) just went up do to the death of the macbook.
I can buy a no name for $30 or an apple for $130. Reviews are mixed on the no name. $100 is not chump change either, but I don't want junk if my computer does last 3 more years. My gut says spend the money for the Apple, my wallet the no name.

What should I do? I'm buying one or the other by 5:pm today
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