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I'm trying to assist a friend with their Powerbook G4 running Leopard with my limited Mac knowledge.

Firstly, something has happened and they can't get beyond the standard login (name & password) box to actually get into their files etc...

They are sure of their password, but not 100% sure of the name as it's normally just there and never needed to by typed.
We've tried lots of combinations of name/password, but each time the login box "shakes" indicating something incorrect I presume? (does it lockup after a certain number of incorrect attempts?)

Is there anyway to find the EXACT login name(s) on the laptop?
Is there anyway to reset the password (assuming we can determine the correct username) without doing damage to whatever may be installed?

On a totally seperate note, how can I access the files (itunes, iphoto, documents) and copy them onto my USB stick as a backup if I can't login?
If I boot from the O/S disk and select "Disk Utility" will this let me do this?
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