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So, just to let you know, I'm no good with technology. I know how to use a computer, but that's about it. Same goes for my boyfriend who also uses my Macbook, if anything, he knows less about this stuff than me. Please bear with me.

Back story,

I've had my Macbook for almost 3 years now.

A few days ago, my boyfriend went to get on the internet. For some reason, he was asked to reinstall the AT&T internet stuff. He tried, Macbook froze, so he closed it and went to bed.

I got home that morning, and went to go through the installation process again. Macbook froze, I did a bad thing and held down the power button to restart it, and when it went to restart, I got a blue screen after the grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning wheel.

Went through the manual, reset the PRAM, used my phone internet to find out how to reboot the thing, and it slowly but surely started working again, but it's a little screwy. Can't watch anything on Netflix, and either the Airport or my internet provider keeps kicking me off (probably the internet provider, since the same thing happens to my room mate who has a net book). It will freeze a bit from time to time, and is very slow to start up.

Manual says to use the installation disk, I don't have it anymore, I've moved 3 times since I got this, and at some point it vanished.

Now I'm hoping for some pointers or advice on this issue and..

I'm also wondering, since it looks like I'll have to get a new Snow Leopard installation dvd, should I just get that, or try upgrading to Lion, or would going to Lion not help at all? Will getting another installation dvd be worth it or should I just start saving up for another computer of some sort?

Thanks in advance.
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