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I am ready to get my Ipad soon. But I can't seem to decide between the three options. I really don't want to pay for GB's that I will never use. All are reasonably within my budget, but there is no point of going 64GB, when that extra $100 could be used for apps. Here is how it breaks down:

*I don't listen to music nor do I think I will ever have a music library. I enjoy playing it, but not listening to it.

*As far as photos go I probably might put a couple hundred.

*I don't have an interest in comic books but I might put a few regular books ( maybe 5 full story books)

*As far as apps go, I want to put a lot of Apps. Mainly work related for a college student and perhaps a few HD games. I have read that some take up to 200MB for HD games.

*And when it comes to movies, I would say 6 movies max at one given time if I travel and maybe a few T.V episodes.

Most importantly, this Ipad has to last me 4 years. I won't really be able to afford buying another one a year or even three years later since I won't be working.

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