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Originally Posted by Chrisw View Post
So I used to use PC's and hated them. I have now had a Macbook Pro for about 2 years and LOVE it. But... The one thing I miss is computer games. There is now a new game coming out that I would really like to play... I am curious if you guys think my mac could play this game?

I am aware that I will have to bootcamp, and run the game in windows.
Is there anything I can do to run this game on my computer?
While you've said that you hate PCs, if you really want to go for high-end gaming, short of getting a top-spec iMac or a Mac Pro you're not going to find a Mac that can play the latest games; and as you're essentially gonna have to deal with a "PC" if you Boot Camp Windows onto your Mac anyway, it might be worth getting a dedicated gaming PC.

If you get one custom-built it can have hardware specifically tailored for gaming, and the retail version of Windows it would be loaded with (Home Starter would do) wouldn't have all the bloatware you get on a pre-built.

That way you wouldn't need to waste a minimum of ~15-20GB of your Mac's HDD space on Windows & game files, and you could play all the latest games at the top settings.
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