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Originally Posted by Cagedfatkid View Post
I am planning to become a switcher. Used windows all my life but im done with that garbage. Buying a laptop or 2 every year has gotten old and expensive.
6-12 month lifetime? Dude, what've you been doing to your laptops? Playing tennis? Hammering-in nails??

I've got an ~11 years old 'Tiny' laptop that was rocking Win2k until a few months ago & had never needed a reinstall / repair!

Now it's running Xubuntu, as the HDD (which had done well lasting that long) died & it's a bit low-spec to make it worth installing WinXP or Win7 on it - but Win2k only died because the hardware dragged it down with it!

With the new HDD I could see it lasting another decade!

On the topic at hand, I agree that you should wait for Thunderbolt... There's not much for it yet - & some of what is out there, branded as Light Peak, uses a USB style connector, rather than a Mini Display Port style connector - but, none the less, it shows that the overall technical specifications are being adopted, and once the connection is standardised (almost certainly to the Apple design, as the vast majority of gear out for the standard is Tunderbolt not Light Peak) it will soon replace USB, FireWire, Ethernet, HDMI, etc...

Basically, Thunderbolt's poised to become the all-purpose connection that USB was meant to be, but could never keep-up with the advances of the other hardware in computers.
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