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@StMFA yeah my bad, should have probably checked into the price thing a bit more, I can not remember the exact price of the old mini. Anyway in my country the new ones are 699 which works out at about $1,120 (given current exchange is about 1.6). lol We are so badly ripped off here.

Mac mini - Buy Mac mini desktop computers - Apple Store (UK)

back on topic:

Yeah the base mini should be fine for what you want. May want to check with some folks who use photo-shop to see if the dedicated graphics will make that much of an impact (I would say chances are it will not be a massive increase).

Personally I detest wireless keyboards, as they always seem to run out of power just when I need them most.

I think the track-pad is a cool idea as it will allow you to get the most out of Lion.
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