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Hey, I myself am looking at switching to a Mac desktop soon I think I will be looking more at the mini myself. Anyway your question is not that hard to answer considering it is mostly about hardware.

So for processors the only difference between those two really is going to be the 400 MHz in speed. (Unfortunately apple’s site does not list exact part numbers but there of the same architecture Nehalem so it is a safe assumption). Realistically I would say it is not really worth the extra money as the performance gain is minimal at best.

SSD are definitely a lot faster than your standard hard disk, if you wish to go down this route you probably want it as your primary hard disk as you really want just your operating system and programs on a solid state drive. Keep all of your data that you change regularly on a separate disk (or your external one) as this will help slow the degradation of the SSD. Though once again in terms of bang for your buck it might not be worth it, it really depends on whether you think the speed upgrade is really worth all of that money.

As for dual graphics cards, this is probably only really worth it if you are
a) a gamer
b) using several monitors
c) doing a heavy amount of video editing or creating 3d graphics.
If you do not think that you will every want to do any of those then it probably is not worth it splashing out the extra cash.

Personally if I were you I would wait for the Mac Pro refresh, many are saying it is rumoured for late August. That way you could have thunderbolt and purchase the new thunderbolt monitor.
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