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My apologies for so many questions, but I not have access to an Apple store. I may drive to Ft. Worth (6 hour drive) in a couple of weeks to be able to visit one.

1. Best I have been able to determine, the just released MBA (13" with 1.8 processor) is limited to 4GB & 256GB? Anyway to add to that?
Answer: No.

2. My wife syncs her iPad 2/iPhone 4 with her PC and her account on our shared Laptop using her MobileMe account on our family subscription. I do the same thing with my iPad 2/iPhone 4 with my PC and my account on our shared Laptop using the family MobileMe subscription. This includes using Outlook (calendar, contacts, notes, and bookmarks) with the Windows MobileMe control panel (including sharing calendars via MobileMe). We use calendar, contacts, notes, and Safari bookmarks apps on the mobile devices.

If I get the Mac 2011 Home & Business Office will I be able to sync it with all my devices and how?

If I do not get Office, what will I use for calendar, contacts, notes, and bookmarks and how will it be sync'd?

Answer: As of May, 2011 Outlook Calander no longer syncs via MobileMe. That pretty well rules out Outlook. I will need to use the native MBA apps via MobileMe (and iCloud later this year).

3. I use Numbers and Pages apps on the mobile devices and have been underwhelmed with their capabilities. I lean toward Office rather than iWorks for that reason. The reviews on both are mixed. Given my background and current computing devices, is Office a reasonable choice?
Answer: Moved to an individual question.

4. I use Thunderbird 2 on the PC and Laptop and share its Local Files using DropBox. Will this be possible using Mac Thunderbird 3 on the MBA?

5. I use Kindle and Zinio apps on the mobile devices. Will the MBA run the same apps?
Answer: Yes

6. Apple has a lot of apps for the mobile devices. What about for the MBA?
Answer: Yes (although I have not been able to browse them using IE)

7. Should I get the: 3 year warranty; the external DVD reader/writer; anything else?

8. My primary need is for an ultraportable Photoshop 5 & Lightroom 3 capable laptop. Do you believe the MBA will be a good choice for that purpose?

I have more questions; however, these already impinge on your goodwill and time. Thank you for your assistance.

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