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One possible difference in the iPhone 4 and your old iPhone you *might* not be accounting for is background apps. Now, *most* background apps are inert when they're not in use, but I was recently surprised to discover that Skype for example *never signs out* and continues to receive chat messages, status updates etc (this can be changed in prefs, but I didn't know).

I was also unaware that some radio apps continue to operate even if their sound is muted and you're doing something else. In short, try manually closing ALL apps on your phone before you go to bed, then see if the loss is as dramatic the next morning. If it isn't, something in the background was more active than it should have been, and was draining your battery.
Very true. Never really thought of that, and a lot of the times, we think turning off internet will turn everything else off, but the apps definitely still do run in the background. But I just turn my iphone off before sleeping, I'm sure that saves battery too!
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