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Hello all. I am hoping that someone out there has an answer for me. For some reason when I drag my files to a dvd to be backed up, I appear to be losing memory on my hard drive! Every time it gets to be under 1GB, I get a warning that tells me that my start up drive/disk is almost full. So, to fix the problem, I went through my downloads to start trashing them. I freed up about 2 gigs of space (which showed on my hard drive) and after dragging about 2 gigs of pictures onto a DVD, it's showing me the warning again! It's almost as though when I'm dragging the pics to the DVD, my computer is backing up the files somewhere. But I can't figure out where! Can anyone help me? I feel like I'm never going to be able to back up my computer if this keeps happening. Either that or I'm going to have to wast a bunch of DVD's just burning and deleting a little at a time.
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