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Hey Everyone,

I'm kindove in a debacle right now... I have a bunch of Updates for my computer that I need to install but it wont let me cause my "Startup disk is too full" I have ALOT of music on my itunes currently, but I also have everything backed up to an external. I literally don't save anything on the computer hard drive and have been trying to basically reformat or restart my mac to factory settings or at least get rid of all the stuff on the startup disk.. Can anyone help me out with this? What is the Startup disk? is it the same as the actual HD? and how do I wipe the Startup disk so I can install updates and have more room?

ANY help would be amazing! Since I've been trying to figure this out for ages!

PS: Sorry if this is a repeated thread. I was reading the thread about reformatting but am not sure if it applies to what I'm asking.
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