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Originally Posted by robduckyworth View Post
Although I have 3 which i have had for two years now, which are perfectly fine. And I mean, these drives take a battering in the back pack on a motorbike every week.

For me, Hard drive brand loyalty is something personal to the user, which they learn from experience alone. I don't like to push my opinion on people about it.
They were still good 2 years ago. It was within the last year when they started going way down. I used to be all Seagate, but if I were to buy a brand new hard drive now id get myself a WD. You can get brand new Seagates that come with dead sectors on arrival, or even worse, DOA. Im not trying to push you from not getting a Seagate, im merely just giving some advise, and prewarning people who may be buying a seagate hard drive.
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