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Hey everyone
So, I ordered my iMac on Friday (brand new 21.5-inch 2.7 gHz i5)
and I have a question regarding making the move. (so glad to be finally getting a way from Windows... )

I have been using iTunes, and I have a relatively large music library (~1400 songs). Unfortunately, the organisation of the files is pretty awful, with album art and such in various places, as well as the music files themselves being dotted around in a couple folders, some in the folders that iTunes creates. My questions is as follows: which of all these files do I need to copy onto an external hard-drive to migrate over to the iMac when it arrives? Or would it be better just to rip the stuff from my iPod? (If so, could anyone recommend a good app/program for this?)

(Anything else pertaining to switching that anyone else is obviously much appreciated, though I have read chad's excellent post)

That's all for now,
thanks in advance,

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