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Originally Posted by SecondRow View Post
I'm not sure I follow.
All I need to do is copy the emails across once, and then run my email account through the Mac inbox as normal.
Why would this duplicate anything ?

As I understand it, you don't really need to copy anything. Because you're a Windows Live Mail user, all your emails should be stored on the Live Mail server, as well as on your PC. But, because they're on the Live Mail server, ie they're in Microsoft's head office, so to speak, you don't need to copy them from your PC to your Mac.

On your Mac, try opening Mail (or the email software of your choice), set up your account, and it should then download all your archive emails from the server to your Mac.

The problems that that caused me were:
1. All the emails appear as "new" messages, so you have loads of unread mail, which you had previously read on your PC.

2. I had created folders within Live Mail and put some emails into them; these folders didn't import into Mail on the Mac.

3. When I read emails on my Mac, then opened my emails on my phone, the emails still showed as unread on my phone and vice versa.

mBox resolved all these problems. Of course, if those 3 things aren't problems for you, then you can just set up your account with Mail and you should be fine.
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