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so it was working fine, i downloaded and installed some codecs to play video files because my powerbook g4 with 1 gig ram 10.3.9 was playing mp4 video really really choppy
so, my mac was running fine other than that, and i thought maybe i should reset and that would make the video work, well,
When i restarted, only the dock shows up, and i cant see anything else, neither the cd in the drive, nor the mounted HDD, nor even the time, apple menu, or my airport status.the power icon in the upper right hand corner start to load, then vanishes?

I'm really freaking out, every time i try to run one of the apps from the dock it bounces for a second and crashes,

Please someone help me to fix this, i'm a complete mac newbie, and i just paid over 200$ dollars for this machine, and if it doesnt work my gfs gonna kill me lol.
but seriously i am kinda panicking, and if someone could help me with this, it would mean everything to me
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