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not sure if this is the place for this topic but figured id try here first . i have a nfs share server which is linux ( the client is the power mac osx (

im fairly familar with linux and its command prompt ive only used the mac a few time since its my moms. im trying to see if it can even see the nfs server useing the showmount -e command and this is what happening

sudo showmount -e it gave an rpc authentication failure.
so than after i got that error i thought id see if rpc daemons were running useing

rpcinfo -p
rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused
i have no idea about anything on mac's but im guessing the daemons are not started. but how do i even find out if they exsist on the computer and if they dont is their any kind of packmanager for mac such as yum for redhat, portage for gentoo etc...?
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