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My source material is mostly QuickTime .MOV files. I have a bunch of short looping graphical clips and some royalty-free vintage "historical" footage I bought from an online distributor. They are nearly all mostly NTSC broadcast quality. I'm just trying to find the right software to downsample them to a codec that's compatible with the Aaxa M1. So far I found a freeware program that (if I can remember to set all the settings correctly) will yield me something that works. I have converted one small clip and have it running now. My next step will be to try to tackle something larger than a loop of 30 seconds. Also, I did find that the 8-character naming convention was necessary too. The projector choked on files that had the right codec but too long of a filename (something I think they should have addressed in the manual). Thanks for the help and suggestions. I tried a couple of different programs to do the conversions, HandBrake (which came highly recommended) and MPEG Streamclip (which one of the distributors recommended). HandBrake was great for doing some of the fine tuning, but ultimately wouldnt produce a file that worked in the projector. So the winner was MPEG treamclip, which is simpler and less capable in terms of changes you can make - but, doggone it, makes a file that works!I think I am on the road at last.
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