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Originally Posted by dheepaksivam View Post
I currently have a intel based mac with the OS tiger 10.4... been a while since I used the mac book and realized there's been quite a number of releases and upgrades...

how do i get to upgrade from Tiger 10.4 to the latest Lion OS? the options in the apple site seem to be confusing a lot.. as it states that I need to first upgrade to snow leopard and then upgrade to Lion. Is this the only way? Can't I get Lion OS from the shelf and install the new OS...

Finally what will be the cost damage that I will be facing...?

Would really appreciate if someone can guide me around this....
I just converted 10.4 to 10.6.8 using the $29 Snow Leopard program I purchased directly in person from Best Buy in the US. I did not convert to 10.5 at all and went directly to 10.6. Check an Apple store out near your home for the $29 SNOW LEOPARD program. I am not in anyway a computer expert just a plain old fart tinkerer! I think you have to first upgrade to Snow Leopard and then work from there to get up to Lion.

With Tiger 10.4 none of my Firefox updates were coming in anymore. Safari was stuck on 3 point something and I had not received any Apple upgrades in many months. So, after reading several links on using the $29 program to update to 10.6 I gave it a try.

Many if not all of the links on this upgrade said to back up my old programs. I bought a 500 GB external HD at Best Buy. Transferred a lot of programs to that HD and to some Flash Drives I had available. With this Seagate HD I transferred my entire Mac HD to that external HD. But I never had to use any of that saved info!

Reading the info available most of the advice was to use a clean install. I did not do this! I would have if the installation said to but it did not!

I read the instructions and inserted the Snow Leopard program into the computer and followed directions. I expected some sort of request to format or somehow "clean" the computer hard drive or something like that using the Utility Program that showed up at the top the screen - no request!

I continued with the install knowing that if anything screwed up I still had the original Installation Disks. Eventually after answering the prompts the program finished and I had Snow Leopard and over 90% of my old programs. There was some tweaking to do to remove items that did not work and I had to download Rosetta Stone that came with Snow Leopard.

It took quite some time to get 10.6 to 10.6.8 but everything came in okay. I was sweating if Apple would continue with future updates and they seem to be coming in okay. Got one more yesterday. Firefox updated to FF 5.0 then to 5.1 and Safari is now at 5.0.5.

I had no music or movies stored on my computer. But I did have a lot of documents and photos that transferred over okay. Firefox, Safari and my Camino came through with my bookmarks in the right places and still working.

Only downside is that my Samsung printer would not work off the new Snow Leopard install. Working on figuring that out right now. I downloaded new drivers and other stuff suggested but still no luck. Printer works with my PC okay and worked with Mac before with no problem. Other posts I read claim the same problem with Snow Leopard. Looking for a fix!

Lots more color and quite a few programs available with the new update. I guess things I never used before I had removed years ago. I don't play games. Time Machine is interesting and I am still puzzled about what Memeo is supposed to do. But all in all so far so good! I sure want to get the printer working but that is not a total bummer since I can use the PC for some things.

(I went directly from 10.4 Tiger to 10.6 Snow Leopard with no 10.5 in between. Total cost except for the HD was $29 plus tax.)

Good luck.