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That could very well be part of it. One never knows about naming conventions. However, I just tried experimentally renaming a couple of short MP4 and AVI clips and tried them and it still did not work.

Also, unfortunately, I **did** reformat the SD card. On about the 2nd or 3rd time I stuck it in the Mac's card slot it failed to be recognized (an alert saying that it was damaged and suggesting repair appeared). Blithely I obeyed. Using the Disk Utility on the Mac I erased and reformatted it to MS DOS FAT (it didn't mention the 32 in the options).

The disk seems to work in both M1 and Mac. The little projector has the capability to play MP3 audio in addition to movies. I **was** able to place an MP3 file on the card and play that in the projector just fine. So, I don't think the card format is a problem (unless you could tell me why otherwise).

The specific problem is that it refuses to play any of the movies that I have fed it so far. I have tried MP4s and AVIs in a couple of different codecs (even ones that squashed the picture quality down to rubbish) and still no joy.

I have very little experience with video. I am just getting started. I had no idea there were so many different codecs out there - MP4s that are encoded in slightly different ways (hidden under the hood) that look identical to the untrained eye. Apparently this little unit has very particular tastes.

I am still looking and hoping for an answer. Keep the advice coming, please.

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