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I am looking for a MacBook that is fast and can be durable for 4 years. I have looked at the MacBook Pro 13" series but I can't seem to make up my mind between the i5 or the i7. I've seen both and when I did use the i7 everything was just so much better and way faster but since I'm not doing video editing or photography I don't know if the speed will be needed and the price will be justified. I am also planning to get an Ipad 2 (32GB new) or Ipad 1 (16GB Refurbished) to check email quick without having to pull my laptop out of its case and if I want to go into a coffee shop and do research on the go. Basically, it comes down to this:

Choice 1:

MacBook Pro i5 (stock specs)
Ipad 2 (32GB)
$1698 w/student discount

Choice 2:

MacBook Pro i7 (stock specs)
Ipad 1 Refurbished (16GB)
$1748 w/student discount

Its such a tough decision since the i7 gives me almost desktop performance (or so it seems) and the i5 is nice too. What would be best?

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