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Hello there! Just yesterday (7/13/11) I received my new Aaxa M1 Ultimate micro LED projector and have been trying to get it to work, as advertised, playing video filed from the SD card memory. This function is the main reason I chose the M1 and it is disappointing to not have it work. The projector powers up and screen comes on with the menu picture bright and crisp and all of that. And the buttons to navigate the menu (both on the housing and the remote) all seem to work just fine - so far so good. But I have not been able to get it to play any video files so far.

First of all, I should mention that the computer I am using to make my video files is a recent issue MacBook Pro. I have tried to create various MP4 video files according to the spec in the M1 manual and those I create simply refuse to play in the device. I keep getting a "Not Support!" alert message. I have also been using a 2GB thumb drive to transfer these MP4s to the SD card memory on the projector. My computer has a SD card slot and it reads the card itself just fine. But files I place on it directly from the Mac and then insert into the M1 are unrecognized for some unknown reason - the M1 menu says "no file."

However, as an experiment, I transfered an MP3 music file to the SD card via the thumb drive and the MP3 music file plays just fine. My guess is that I am not getting the specs for the MP4s exactly right somehow. I have tried and repeatedly converted half a dozen copies of the same file in various pixel dimensions and sample rates that should (according to the manual) be within playable parameters. But each time it is no dice,with the same resulting "Not Support!" alert message.

Another thing I have tried (because the manual says you can) is try to hook up the computer to the M1 via a USB cable (one is supplied with the projector for this purpose). But the Mac doesn't recognize the projector's memory as an external storage device (the same way it would if it were a camera or other hardware.

All of these problems are significant disappointments. But the most onerous of them the the unit's inability so far to be able to play any of the video files I've given it. There is still the VGA cable to try (as a last ditch) where I could conceivably play the video on the Mac and simply use the projector and a normal output device to mimic what's onscreen. But I am frustrated.

Any clues or help anyone can provide me would be much appreciated.
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