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Hello all. My wife has an imac which is about 3 years old. Just a short bit ago it would not boot, no nothing, nada. We took it to the apple store which was a disspointing result. We were told the hard drive was unrecognizable by the store and they put a new drive in. I now have the old drive mounted in a lacie enclosure, and went to connect it as an external hard drive for grins. The newly rebuilt computer would not recognize it. We have a back up which is one year old and the biggest disspointment is loosing about a years worth of kids pictures. We are considering a recovery service but I am worried about waisting time and money. What do you all think on this? Also would I be better served trying to do my own recovery with special software? If so what software do you all recommend.

On a side note. We had been PC'ers for a long time always with questionable service without a doubt. We now have two iphones with batteries on the fritz. I was told tonight on the phone with customer care (in another country) that I needed to be prepared to pay to be told I only needed to add an ave to my address to hook up my phone. I am also now realizing the quality going into our mac hard drive is no different than a PC as apple tried to explain to me that that some hard drives fail in 6 months. I hope apple will take a lesson from the dell story as this is headed for a bad ending. I am just really disspointed.