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Well I have been kicking around the idea of upgrading to a new mac.

I have a PowerBook G4 that still works great, except its starting to get slow due to the fact that most websites and programs have too much going on that the hamster inside just cant keep up. Also, there are no updates for the software and the power cable has had connectivity problems for the past few years - I have been making it work but its seen better days.

I just graduated with my Masters and have a job that provides me a work PC laptop. I am having a hard time figuring out what i want to replace the PowerBook G4 with since I spend the majority of my time on the road. When I travel I don't really want to carry around two laptops. I have been thinking about a mac mini but for not too much more I can have the ability to take everything with me using a MBP. Since I have not had a desktop in a while...I'm having commitment issues hahaha

I mainly am sticking with mac's because I have had this one for about 6-7 years and never had a problem out of it. If the next one lasts that long then I'm getting my money out of it. I use to do video and photo editing but now am not in that field, my work laptop provides all of the software I need for my job. This upgrade would basically be a internet browsing machine that would hold my music, photos, videos, etc. What are your thoughts?
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