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Righto, appreciate this is an old thread, but it was top of Google for my search so, this is how I eventually fixed the problem:

Use the Airport Utility to add an Airport Express (AExp) to my existing network.
Every time is applies the change successfully and waits for the AExp to restart.
Every time is times out waiting on the restart and then says:
"AirPort Utility was unable to find your AirPort wireless device after restarting."

My 'chief' router (the one connected to the outside) is the AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS)

It has dual mode wireless (n/g)

The tool I think is automatically giving the AExp the MAC address of the AEBS that is for wireless 'n' mode. The (my) AExp is only b/g.



Don't use the tool! Do it by hand

Note down:

MAC address of the AEBS 'g' (2.4 GHz) (it's printed on the back of it, and shows up in the utility)
MAC address of the AExp
Network name
Security setup (WPA or WPA2 or WEP etc..)
Channel (2.4 GHz channel)

Now in the utility, use "Manual Setup" mode on:

On the AEBS:
Make sure the wireless mode is "Participate in a WDS network" (Aiport>Wireless)
Tick the box "allow this network to be extended" (Airport>Wireless)
Under the WDS tab (Airport>WDS) tick to allow wireless clients, then press the + and add the MAC address of the AIRPORT EXPRESS
Make sure you've noted the channel under (Airport>Wireless) it's next to "Radio Channel Selection"
Click Update
Let it restart

On the AExp:
Make sure the wireless mode is "Participate in a WDS network" (Aiport>Wireless)
Set the channel to whatever the AEBS was (Airport>Wireless)
Set the security up to the same type and password as the AEBS (Airport>Wireless)
On the WDS tab, set the WDS as WDS remote (if you want to do relay, do so, but I'm not writing the instructions for that - they are very similiar to these, just as a chain!) [Airport>WDS]
Tick to allow wireless clients (Airport>WDS)
Then click the '+' and add the MAC address of the BASE STATION, THE AIRPORT EXTREME

Click update,
Let is restart.

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