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Ok, a bit of history, this is an IMAC with OS X installed. Last week "something" happened while my 14 year old son was using it and it wouldn't boot. Instead had a gray screen with a "no access" message in the middle (the circle with the slash, a file with a question mark and an apple flipping from one to another at a hundred miles an hour). I took it an Apple store they said it was my hard drive and I left. I decided to try to reload the OS X and did so by forcing it at boot. WHAM, when I turned it back on it worked and nothing was lost! I was thrilled, well, enter my son again. He says he was trying to find how many photos we have in it, he is learning and I am happy to see it (long story he has ADHD and not much of a book learner) he opened the file from Iphoto and somewhere in time he accidently copied to the desk top all the photos (thousands). It was taking so long he thought it was froze and he turned it off.

Now, all we get is our desk top and no control from the mouse (other than moving the curser around) and I do notice the little picture of the Mac HD up in the right corner isn't there either. If on boot in the first seconds after it is booted I were to click on a program in the dock it does work, at least it TRIES to open the program and will then just lock up with the little raibow wheel spinning. If I don't touch it after boot it will simply have the curser that moves around and nothing else as mentioned before.

I have reloaded the OS X and it remains the same.

Any ideas?

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