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thanks Slydude that link helps a lot. ok now I have all this. Now i am ever more confused than before. I am a little broke now and don't want to spend money on something that will not work. I went to buy the drives and the memory at Best Buy. There they told me that i can only do up to 2, according to their system. Also someone there told me i can go up to 4 but that the mac will only work up to 3 then I went to A geek Squad person. He said I can only do up to 2 on my memory and on the hard drive I can do as much as i want to, but that will eat up my battery a lot quicker. How much of this can I believe? And now I am waiting on a friend that works at the apple store and see if he can clarify some of this questions, in the mean time i want to know as much as i can.
Thanks for the help in advance!!!!
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