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Hello guys,

I am asking for assistance in a specific security question. I am a student and total noob to macs. I recently changed to Mac because of my job. The software is MacOS v10.6.7 and hardware is Imac 4.1.

I work from home and I communicate with my bureau via Ichat (we talk, share files and desktops) so Remote Management and Remote Login are always turned on. Lately I got a funny feeling as someone is snooping around in my computer. My questions are:

1) Is there a way I can detect an intruder such as my bureau when we are not chatting or someone else (an unknown) and,
2) How can I be sure no one has entered my computer in the past? Are there any log files and where can I find them or something else... idk what that could be.

I really donít mind sharing my comp with my employee but I have no understanding for snooping around if I donít know they are doing it and I cannot imagine the worst scenario someone else I donít even know was the intruder.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

p.s. excuse me please if I posted in the wrong forum
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