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well i had a password just standard admin, and mobile me and serial number but the police said nothing has come up... i guess something like %97 of stolen laptop are never found and something like 12,000 a month are stolen!! jesus, i am assuming someone tech savvy or a student cleared the hard drive and factory reset it and or had a osx start up disk i am guessing that would make the mobile me and any tracking in that case useless... ??now all i have is hopefully they sell it and or the serial number comes up.=/
Some people have mixed feelings on this but you could look into Lo Jack for your laptop. If and when it connects to a network, it reports it's location based on IP and any other location information it has. The five-0 can use that to help track it and it can be locked down remotely so they can't do with it what they want. Absolute Software | LoJack for Laptops: Track, Locate, and Recover Stolen Computers

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