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Originally Posted by Deckyon View Post
I find it hard to believe the 13" MBP was too big for the airlines... Even my 17" works fine in the overhead or under the seat. I even had it sitting in the seat pocket during takeoff with no issues. Unless you have to carry a ton of other stuff to make your computing enjoyable, there isn't going to be that much of a difference. If weight is an issue, grow stronger.
No, the Air isn't a magic item for air travel. It was just one piece of a solution of trying to get my carry on load cut down. I have found that checking luggage just doesn't work these days. You will be in Miami and it will be in Seattle. In fact, I have found that Fed-exing any extra stuff that I might need works almost as well and is light years more reliable.

Unfortunately, these days those conclusions are very common and the overhead bins just flat won't hold all the stuff that people are trying to stuff in them. So - an MB-Air, super lightweight magnesium briefcase and matching overnighter, and I have a somewhat more pleasant boarding experience.

The only thing left that I need is a +1 Ring of Invisibility so I can avoid those TSA idiots. ("What is this?" "A Magic Mouse." "Open it up. I need to see inside." "???? !!!!...")
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