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I have this file named "fiLr.…b" and denoted as an "Alias" that is sitting in my Trash and I cannot remove it. I have tried;

1. Simple Empty Trash
2. Option / Empty Trash
4. CMD / Empty Trash - Says there are 5 things to delete but there is only the one file showing
3. sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*
4. Booting in Safe Boot Mode and Emptying Trash
5. Trash It!

etc, etc.

Strangely, when I boot in Safe Boot, the Trash appears to be empty. So I Placed something in it and emptied it again using all the above methods. Then, when I rebooted in normal mode, the blasted file was still there. I have no idea what it is and want it gone! Any suggestions please? I'm not "Terminal" savvy but can follow step by step instructions if anyone can help. Am running OSX10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro. Help! Please! Anybody!

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