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Hoping someone on here can help me out a little with a problem I'm having with my Macbook Pro. It's a 17" MBP model A1151. It's been used...a lot. Over the last few months I've started to notice some weird screen glitches. Bars of color across the screen, flickering. It seems to be manipulated by moving the screen back and forth though, it would sometimes go away with a little fiddling. Now it doesn't really want to go away with any amount of fiddling. Here is a picture I took, you can just see the question mark folder (no hard drive in right now) above the line were it's jacked up.

I was thinking that it's probably the display cable. However, I have it all apart right now and when I wiggle the display cable directly nothing is happening. Where would you all start first, throw a new display cable in there and see what happens, or do you think I need a new LCD all together...or is it possibly the graphics card??

Thanks in advance for any help!
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