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Try Command+Option+P+R to reset PRAM first to see if you get the startup chime. This is will help with two things....

1) make sure you computer responds to the keyboard before getting to the OS -and-
2) resets PRAM (and maybe thats whats stopping you from use Command+S?), and also you get the startup chime sound back to make sure you holding Command+S right as the chime comes on.

also, this maybe a stupid question... or maybe not, since I worked for AppleCare for a long time, but you are holding Command+S as soon as the computer turn on right? meaning... hitting power button and then straight to Command+S. (I know its hard to tell, since we usually measure by saying before or after the startup chime, and yours not sounding it can be hard to tell, but PRAM reset above should fix that.

Let me know...


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