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So, I have been using my Mid-2010 Macbook so far, and I want to sell it now as I will be upgrading to a Macbook Pro. I am trying to reinstall the operating system after formatting it and sell it on Ebay, and I use the Snow Leopard installation disc and I boot it by holding the 'alt-' button and choosing the DVD drive. Now, after 40 secs, it brings up a Kernal Panic error "Hold the power button to restart".

I have looked up this issue online, and there seem to be a lot of complaints but no one seems to have put up a solution to this problem. I do not want to buy a new Snow Leopard installation disk, as Lion OSX will be released in a couple of weeks.

Please let me know how I can reinstall the snow leopard operating system without Kernal Panic Errors?

Thanks !
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