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Hello. Is there an automatic default for Sharing and Permissions? The reason I ask is I'm the sole user of my computer. I have set up System Preferences - Accounts to be just myself as the Admin and only user. I've noticed when I "Get Info" for various items that the Sharing and Permissions will have different things listed. Wouldn't they all just default to me since I set it up that way in System Preferences? For example: When I Get Info for my printer, under Sharing and Permissions it tells me "You have custom access" and under Name and Privilege it lists:
system, Read & Write
admin, Read & Write
everyone, Read only.

But if you Get Info for example Skype my Sharing and Permissions are:
(Me), Read & Write
staff, Read only
everyone, Read only.

I don't share, I don't do any of the bells and whistles. Yes, I am boring and out of touch. So is there any way I can default everything I have to simply what I have set up in the first place under System Preferences which is myself? And further since I am set up at the "Admin" and only user, why do some Apps list "admin" and others "Me" if we are both the same?

A layman's explanation is much appreciated.
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