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Originally Posted by mknabster View Post
Well the i3 being slower than the Core2Duo is expected since it's a lesser processor compared to the i7, which is comparable to the C2D. I know the architecture is completely different, but in terms of the level of quality, i3s are down there where Core Duos were. I did a test with a new MBP with an i7 and my C2D, both with very similar processing power, and created an image in Photoshop that generally takes awhile on mine. The newer i7 was actually slower in processing time than my C2D.
... What planet are you on? There's no way a core 2 duo is better than a quad core sandy bridge i7 desktop processor. I assume to come to that conclusion you must be running a Core 2 Extreme Super Intense Black Edition only one ever created chip? Or maybe you just switched your sentences around. At any rate, no matter how you look at it, its wrong. But for fun, lets compare. Core 2 Duo Extreme Yorkfield versus i7 Sandy Bridge 2600K. For one, the TDP on the extreme is somewhere around 130-150 while sandy comes in at a cool 95. True, most all other core 2 duos are actually lower TDP than sandy bridge but we're comparing the top end processing beasts here. And sandy bridge actually has some low power chips that will blow away core 2 duos. Next up, cores. Duo means 2. any i7 sandy bridge you blink at is 4. how can 2 be better than 4? Not to mention Hyperthreading creating basically 8 cores which core 2 duos aren't even capable of. Clock frequency is relative since both can be overclocked, but the i7 can be clocked higher and more stable on just air. I think what ruffled my feathers here is the idea that Intel and other companies just create new stuff and people buy it because it's new. That is just is ridiculous. Though I'm sure some do, the majority will shun and move to competition that actually creates better products. People buy the new processors because they are better. I don't know what types of empirical data you actually have but I haven't yet run in to any major review sites, magazines, or enthusiasts touting the glory of core 2 duos over sandy bridge chips. Here's an actual comparison taking the opposite stance and explaining the i7's superiority, and thats only on the first generation i7's Intel Core i7 vs Intel Core 2 Duo | Pathik Shah Don't get me wrong. Core 2 duos are great an all, I actually have one in my Macbook Pro right now : ) But if I had a chance to go swap out for a new i5 or i7 sandy I'd switch it in a heartbeat.