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I just recently purchased a G5 early 2005 model to use as a server. However the forums continue to tell me Apple supports very few graphics cards, and in order to have one that works, it must be "Mac Edition" something. Is this true or can i fit any AGP 8X card in it, including ones for PC? If it is true, why would Apple do that if any other PC part (like RAM, Optical Drives, Hard drives, etc) work in the old G4's i built? I've considered getting a Mac Pro but har the same issue presents itself there too. IMO this kind of thing would prevent some people from buying a MAc as a gaming machine or server or whatnot by banning them from using the card they want to. What can i do for the current computer I have video card-wise, is this a real issue or is it going to ever change? also on a side note do the G5's support ECC RAM modules or no? Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!
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