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Well every so many years they come out with new processors to replace the old, and increasing the speeds of RAM, to DDR3 with the newer i's. The C2Ds are still being put into machines, maybe not as many Macs, but Dell is still dishing them out in their business class ones, which i work with everyday, and they are quite powerful compared to the i5 I am typing on now. Now not everything that comes out will be better than the old, it all comes down to the user, my opinion is obviously different than yours. I for one am still using a Palm PDA instead of getting one of those iPod touches or iPhones which are extremely sluggish compared to my Palm because i actually use it for work, and not playing around. It all comes down to you, if you feel the need to upgrade eevry day when something comes out, that's up to you to waste money like that. I like to keep things until they literally die, but that's just me.