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Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
It really sounds like a rare one-time glitch. Maybe something FF was doing during install was not to Software Update's liking. ?? But it is a used Mac, so you never really know what you're getting with that unless it is refurbished directly from Apple. Otherwise, you just never know what lurks inside a used computer.
Keep using it as normal and see if any other odd things happen. In the mean time you can run Disk Utility to verify permissions and to verify disk. See if anything comes up and repair the issues if necessary.
Thank you for responding. Are random glitches common on macs? I have always heard that Macs just "work." I love the idea of never having to reformat the hard drive after years of use and having computer run at the same speed it's entire lifetime. Thats why I'm interested in Macs. No windows REGISTRY to worry about!
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